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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Samuel Coleridge Taylor; The Man to Listen To

I remember going to library and asking for some books about Samuel Coleridge Taylor. I had heard, via a CD, a South African Orchestra perform his compositions. And the librarian responded in a very arrogant tone, “You mean Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He was an English poet.” No, I replied. I meant what I said and in the order in which I had said the name-Samuel Coleridge Taylor. That day, that librarian made a great discovery , too. Brother Samuel,1875-1912, was an accomplished British violinist and composer. He was often referred to as the African Mahler.

To learn more about him, click this link:

WRTI is celebrating his music in honor of Black History Month. Listen to Five Negro Melodies for Piano Trio Op. 59, No. 1. Scroll down to Black History Month on WRTI.

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