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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Socially and Politically Progressive Holiday Cards

Happy Writing!  Happy New Year !
It's your time to bloom.  This is the great Paul Robeson.
Message from Harlem Renaissance Poet
Kwanzaa Card  featuring Sculptor Edmonia Lewis
Inside contains the Solidarity Statement from Cairo

       Please check out my new Holiday Cards. I love them. They are nontraditional in that the messages seek to be inclusive and recognize the aspirations of us all.  This year’s cards celebrate everything from Occupation Wall Street to gay love to Kwanzaa to everything in between. Plus, you can still buy my other cards for different occasions.

Enjoy!  And order.  There’s a sale on at Zazzle that ends Halloween night. Merci.

Here’s the link to my Zazzle Store:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hahn-Bin: Edgy , Self-loving and Making Classical Music Exciting

Making Classical Music Fun and Young-Hahn-Bin

Hann-bin, a 24-year-old violinist from South Korea, is making classical music fun and engaging for his audiences.

Get to know him:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life in Marvelous Times-Mos Def & The Brooklyn Philharmonic

It's all about the music and the message.
Who said rap and classical music can’t blend to create something really meaningful  and current? Check out Mos Def and the Brooklyn Philharmonic.   Imagine if The Philadelphia Orchestra paired with some local poet/rapper , say, like Crucial  or Ursula Rucker or even me???? Blend on…..

*Remember, this month I'm promoting my Listen to African poem/poster published by the Syracuse Cultural Workers.  Here's the link:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Celebrating Teen Entrepreneurship

 The recurring theme of my mom and my Aunt Danni, with regard to the goal of their sacrifice to get their children the best education, is for us to always plan to work for ourselves; to be entrepreneurs .  I, Auguste, Daniel and Gideon have been practicing this concept in a lot of ways and for a while now.  Look at the top of this site, here is my line of greeting cards-Sojo Pokou Cards, which feature historical figures, mostly African-Americans and their words of wisdom.   And now I have my Listen to Africa poster, published by the Syracuse Cultural Workers, to add to my growing empire(Smile.) 

Here are links to
Sojo Pokou Cards:
Syracuse Cultural Workers:

This month I will highlight the entrepreneurial success of teens around the world. Kudos to this teen brother and sister, Catherine and Dave Cook, who built a 100-million dollar business-  Learn more.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Listen to Africa and the rest of the World-This Year's Nobel Prize Peacemakers

Winners of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Peace

        I told you a few days ago that my poem, Listen to Africa, has been published by the Syracuse Cultural Workers as a poster and is available for purchase.  What I am most proud of is the fact that one of my heroes mentioned in this poem- Elle Johnson Sirleaf is one of the co-winners of this year’s Nobel Prize for Peace.  Also recognized in my poem is the wisdom of  Wangari Maathai.  She was the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, which she received in 2004.  She died last week. 

Listen to Africa.   Here's the link to order this poster:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Raising Cain-The Occupy Wall Street March

AP Photo-John Minchillo

My maternal grandmother is a southern woman to the core and she has the best sayings.  They’re not all southern in origin, but I associate them with the South because of the precise imagery and over-the-top  sense of urgency they create.  One of her favorite phrases of wisdom is,” go out and raise some Cain.”  …meaning make some noise, let people know you are tired and you’re not going to take it anymore. 

Well, I ‘m happy that everyday people are raising Cain over our failing economy and are  identifying  the role the Wall Street Banks have played in this decline. I’m quite excited about this Occupy Wall Street March which started on Sept 17, 2011.  It has pick-up momentum and sparked demonstrations around the country. Yesterday, New York City saw its largest group of protesters since the march started. Check out the following video and see an example of a teenager, like us, caring about real issues-our country’s future. What I like about this guy-Jelani Gibson-is he knows when to follow Grandma.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Poster is Ready- Order Now

Sorry, but I need to blow my own horn.  The Syracuse Cultural Workers, which is the premiere catalog company for progressive resources, has recently published my poem, Listen to Africa, as a poster.  So please, check out their site and order my poster and so many other cool items.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Calle 13- Making Clear the Connections

Calle 13

My mom just turned me on to Calle 13, an alternative hip-hop group from Puerto Rico and they are on fire. They infuse their music with a lot of social commentary.  Here is Latin America and with this project they collaborated with artists from Peru like Susana Baca.  Happy Sunday Listening!!! And do get the message.