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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catch You In The Air !

I love the phrase-lay claim to… You want it, and then claim it. I feel this way about travel and seeing the world. You don’t have to wait until you’re grown to develop an interest in the world and a hunger to wander. There are so many programs for young people-teenagers-to participate in; programs that take you to France, Japan, Tanzania, Australia and Peru to name a few places.

This is what you do. Go to the post office or even Walgreen’s and get a passport application. Fill it out with your parents and send it off. Now, each evening pick a destination on Black Atlas and let Nelson George take you on tour of a city you want to discover. Below are links to his Paris trips. I love how Mr. George not only shows you a place from his perspective, but he introduces you to African-Africans who actually live in the places he is presenting. He makes you feel that you can get there, too and you can. The world is ours.

After bookmarking Black Atlas, check out Oxbridge Academic Programs. Here is a link to information about its Paris program this summer for students in grades 9-12. Financial aid and scholarships are available. This is just one of many programs.

I’m hitting China this summer and next time I’ll tell you about some amazing programs to get you there, too.

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