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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Discover Vix Emporium and Sages From the Past Greeting Cards

I recently discovered my hair power and the sassiness of wearing fresh flowers to showcase this newly acquired natural confidence. My hair icons are Nina Simone, Angela Davis and Jill Scott. I like their style and take on the world, too. There is nothing like moving through time like a tigress with a plan and this brings me to Mary Church Terrell, who is featured on one of the Sages from the Past cards.

For whatever reasons, a lot of people are unfamiliar with Mary Church Terrell( 1863-1954). Both her parents were former slaves, yet she rose to become one of the most committed civil rights and women rights activists of her time. Her friends and colleagues were people like Frederick Douglass and Alice Paul.

Mary Church Terrell graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in classics at a time when most of her classmates were white males. She spoke three languages fluently-English, French and German. You know I like that. (Last summer I did a French Immersion program at Oberlin College and I can tell you that Oberlin reveres her. She is recognized by Oberlin as being one of its 100 most influential graduates.) When she traveled abroad to Europe to campaign for human rights, she often delivered her speeches in all three languages. I am talking about a real tigress on a mission. Please take some time to learn more about Mary Church Terrell and buy my card featuring her and her words of wisdom as well as other cards in this collection.

I am happy to report, in addition to buying my cards online and at the National Liberty Museum, at 3rd and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia, you can also buy them at VIX Emporium, which is located at 5009 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia/University City. This place is truly amazing and so complements my ever evolving sense of myself. VIX Emporium is a store with the hippest vibe, as my Tante Mona likes to say, and sells the most unique handmade jewelry, hats, art, pottery, home accents, cards and many more things. I love wearing and giving things made by artists who put their hearts and talents into their creations. Entering VIX Emporium is like entering a treasure chest. Come out and treat yourself to a singular shopping experience.

VIX Emporium
5009 Baltimore Avenue-diagonal to the Firehouse

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