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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crazy Love- Mama Knew Love

This post is dedicated to my mom and Miss Danni and those countless mothers who do what has to be done. School is about to close for me in a week, but I have a summer planned full of some pretty intense activities as does my brother Auguste and my friends Danny and Gideon-the sons of Miss Danni. Since December of last year, my mom and Miss Danni have been fanatical in trying to find summer programs that would move us further to where we need to be, while all the time struggling to keep us full of wonder about the world. They did all kinds of amazing things to raise funds for us to be able to participate in these programs. We are all set to go!!! You guys are a part of an amazing tribe-mothers!

As you know, I love the music of Anthony Hamilton and his song Mama Knew Love is song children all over the world can sing about their mothers. Here’s the link , give a listen and give mom a big bear hug.

Photo/Art Credits-Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange/1937
African-American Son and Mother, Gordon Coster, 1944
Mother and Daughter by Emil Bainhardt
African Mother and Child by Patrick Hunt
Black and White Photo of Mother and Child, Wazari Photostream

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