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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hugh Masekela; Keeping the Record Straight

Thanks to one of my readers, Anna Renee, for introducing me to Hugh Masekela. She, like many people, gives a thumbs down to Shakira’s World Cup anthem and a big shout out to great South African talents like the legendary Hugh Masekela. I was running by Anna Renee’s suggestions to my grandfather and I discovered he is a big fan of Mr. Masekela. My grandfather’s favorite song by Mr. Masekela is Stimela-The Coal Train.

Give a listen. Hugh Masekela’s voice is just as entrancing as his trumpet playing. My grandfather said we must not forget that South Africa has only recently emerged from the evil of apartheid. Last summer I read a few short stories by Nadine Gordimer and Bessie Head when I participated in the Great Books Summer Program. These stories gave me a lot of insight into life under apartheid. We mustn’t forget. We mustn’t forget.

I love this piece. Thanks Anna Renee.
Photo Credits- Miners Going Home to Malawi, 1952-David Goldblatt
Witwatersrand Goldmine , 1962- Ian Berry
Last photo by Eli Weinberg

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