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Friday, July 18, 2008

Writing in Paul Robeson's House

I'm having the most awesome writing experience this summer. I'm taking an intense writing workshop sponsored by The Teen Writers Academy. ( Click link to learn more about this program ) My writing instructor is Valerie Harris and she is amazing because she is making me feel more empowered as a writer. But the most wonderful thing about this writing academy is where it takes place which is Paul Robeson's House, in West Philadelphia. Paul Robeson is a hero of my grandfather and I'm appreciating his legacy more and more.
Please check out the link to this video. You may get a sense of his power. Mr. Robeson was a real Renaissance Man. He was a respected athlete, Columbia Law School graduate, actor, concert singer, and a political activist. (You have to scroll down to down to video.) Because of the positions he took in support of people who were oppressed in the United States and around the world, some members of the US government punished him. They said he was unAmerican. They took away his passport and he couldn't travel to perform and make a living. He was loved around the world
The house I have been writing in, was his sister's house and his last residence before his death. His spirit is still here and I use it as my muse.
*The painting at the top is by James Marcellus Watkins.

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