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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lest We Forget Black Holocaust Museum In Philadelphia

Today I visted the Lest We Forget Black Holocaust Museum in Philadelphia. Listen guys, our history is with us. Put down the ball and the jumprope and the video games and go out and touch some history. I surely did. This museum, which is very much a learning center, run by J. Justin and Gwen Ragsdale, has the real chains, and locks and branding instruments used on African-American people who were enslaved. One of the most uncomfortable, but sobering, exhibitions is that of the many photographs of men and women who were lynched. I also got a sense of what agony the Middle Passage was . This was an intense experience and I feel more empowered because of it.
So when you and you family plan your visit to Philadelphia, just don't go to Betsy Ross' House or to Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell-go, also, to the Lest We Forget Black Holocaust Museum.


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