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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington , D.C.

This past Easter Break, I visited Washington, D.C. My mom and my brother and I took the Chinatown Bus from Philly to D.C. This was a great adventure. We saw the usual sites which I always enjoy like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. Though I learn much when I visit these places, I don't make gods out of these men. I know that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners .

But the places that most moved me were the Vietnam Memorial and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. This Holocaust Museum visit made me realize how real history is and how it effects the present. I was moved by my visit to the exhibition Remember the Children: Daniel's Story. You enter Daniel's home and life and you witness what he experienced as Jewish boy in Nazi Germany. When I walked through the remnants of Daniel's house and walked through his life, I was speechless. I never could understand how people like Hitler and his followers could be so evil, so horrible. I highly recommend that you tell your parents to take you to this museum.

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