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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Speaking Me; A Youth Anthology

Osbey Books, Inc.



Teen Poetry/ Short Stories

5 Stars

Speaking Me, edited by Pam Osbey, is an anthology primarily of poetry and a few short stories and full of the exuberance of youth. Many of the writers in this unique collection are teens and they share lessons and explore very honestly some of the difficult realities teens,regardless of class or ethnicity, deal with daily.I had such a strong emotional response to the short story "A Single Shard" by Ericka Dickerson. It deals with some of the family hardships teens face like the deterioration of the family and teen suicide. The author's style of writing is simple, yet very direct and powerful."Red Black Green" by Gabriel C. Tyler is one of my favorite poems in Speaking Me. This poem addresses issues of racism, stereotypes,expectations and self-love. I love reading this poem aloud because it speaks a personal truth to me, but it is full of rhythm and energy.Here are a few lines:…

So we refuse to be labeled by stereotypes

And seen as just crack heads and hypes

Just babies raising babies

We will not be limited to being boxed up and locked up,


For we transcend limitations

We are intricate revolution

We are notes in the key of jazz….

Other poems like "Bruised Heart" by Tamasia Johnson which address physical abuse by a loved one or " You Say Sorry… Little Girl" by Marah Langellier ,which challenges readers to see a homeless girl as their child, are just a few examples of talented young people voicing their concerns using the power of poetry and other literary forms.

The book is available online:

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