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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Raising Cain-The Occupy Wall Street March

AP Photo-John Minchillo

My maternal grandmother is a southern woman to the core and she has the best sayings.  They’re not all southern in origin, but I associate them with the South because of the precise imagery and over-the-top  sense of urgency they create.  One of her favorite phrases of wisdom is,” go out and raise some Cain.”  …meaning make some noise, let people know you are tired and you’re not going to take it anymore. 

Well, I ‘m happy that everyday people are raising Cain over our failing economy and are  identifying  the role the Wall Street Banks have played in this decline. I’m quite excited about this Occupy Wall Street March which started on Sept 17, 2011.  It has pick-up momentum and sparked demonstrations around the country. Yesterday, New York City saw its largest group of protesters since the march started. Check out the following video and see an example of a teenager, like us, caring about real issues-our country’s future. What I like about this guy-Jelani Gibson-is he knows when to follow Grandma.

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