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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Celebrating Teen Entrepreneurship

 The recurring theme of my mom and my Aunt Danni, with regard to the goal of their sacrifice to get their children the best education, is for us to always plan to work for ourselves; to be entrepreneurs .  I, Auguste, Daniel and Gideon have been practicing this concept in a lot of ways and for a while now.  Look at the top of this site, here is my line of greeting cards-Sojo Pokou Cards, which feature historical figures, mostly African-Americans and their words of wisdom.   And now I have my Listen to Africa poster, published by the Syracuse Cultural Workers, to add to my growing empire(Smile.) 

Here are links to
Sojo Pokou Cards:
Syracuse Cultural Workers:

This month I will highlight the entrepreneurial success of teens around the world. Kudos to this teen brother and sister, Catherine and Dave Cook, who built a 100-million dollar business-  Learn more.

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