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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Foreign Language Programs for the Summer 2013


This has got to be the longest period of time I haven't posted something.  Pardon!- with a French accent !  I had such a busy summer and now school has resumed. I had an amazing time this past summer, in France, studying Parisian architecture and American expatriates and practicing my French.  Did I mention also gorging on macaroons?   I 've been through the fire and now I can go almost anywhere on the metro.  I also got to visit friends in London during all of that Olympic mania.

Anyway…   Believe it or not, NOW is the time to apply for so many remarkable summer programs, most of which offer financial aid and/or scholarships.  Since I am in a foreign language state of mind, I will share some links to language programs, many of which take you abroad.

Does studying in England, France or Spain interest anyone?  Try Oxbridge Academic Programs, the organization that arranged my studies in France. They are first-class all the way.

How about you guys who are interested in learning critical languages like Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, Russian, Korean and more?  How about if you want to learn these languages in the countries where they are spoken?  I got you covered.  Check out the National Security Language Initiative for Youth.    It’s an intense process to get selected, but if you do, all expenses are paid and you get to open your mind and heart to another culture.  Here’s more information about the National Security Language Initiative for Youth:

Ok, I know, some of you want to stay stateside, but still want the rigor and intensity of a total language immersion experience.   Look no further.  Here is the link to the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy.  I did the French immersion program a few years ago. AWESOME.  The institute offers the total immersion experience-you sign a pledge not to speak English during your 4-week stay-in Mandarin, Arabic, German, French and Spanish.  You can do it:

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