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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Choc Quib Town- Jammin' To Another Tongue

I’m back on the block. I’ve been away for the last month living and breathing and only speaking French. What an amazing experience, of which I will share more later. Now I feel like I want to learn so many more languages. As the saying goes, when you learn another language, the another world is revealed to you.

Here is a group I just discovered. If you think Shakira is the best thing Colombia has to offer musically, well-think again. Give a listen to Choc Quib Town, an African-Colombian hip-hop group. Yes, Colombia has its Black people and they do speak Spanish. After listening to them, I’m ready to get out the history books. That’s the power of music; to open your mind to another experience.

Here’s the link.

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Anna Renee said...

They're hot!! Very good rapping flow. Thanks, again--I gonna post them at my new blog
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