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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Spark Science Program at Brown University

A lot of us say we want to be doctors or lawyers or businesspeople, but we really have no idea what steps and hard work are actually involved in becoming those professionals. For example, I sometimes think I would like to be a doctor, especially one who deals with tropical diseases. But, prior to going to the SPARK Program this summer at Brown University, I have to say I knew next to nothing about what body of knowledge a doctor might have to master nor did I know any basic human anatomy.

Spark is a summer science program for middle school students. This program is run by and hosted at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Spark is designed for students who love science and want the challenge of exploring one scientific concept in a rigorous, but noncompetitive environment. Each student takes one course for one week. I took Understanding the Human Body; An Exploration of Anatomy. I dissected a sheep’s heart and brain, a chicken’s wing and the body of a cat. From the photographs, you can see me and my friends are having a blast.

Other courses one can take are Forces of Nature: Hurricanes, Global Warming, and the Science of Weather, Hello from Mars , Species Survival Plan: The Fight to Save the American Burying Beetle, From Brain to Sensation, The Laboratory Detective, Designing Mobile Machines: Robot Rover Derby, Nanotechnology: The Small Wonder from Atom to Space, So You Want to be a Scientist? and Where Rivers Meet the Sea: Ecology of Narragansett Bay .
To learn more about the Spark Program at Brown University ,visit its website

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