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Thursday, March 26, 2009

John Hope Franklin

I have the best tantes and tontons in the world. They introduce me to so many people and their ideas by way of books, art and conversation. For example, Aunt Mona has made reference to me about John Hope Franklin so many, many times. She would talk about what a great mind he has, what an “intellect” he is, and why can’t she find a husband like him. I never read anything by him or about him, but it is clear to me that he left an impression on my aunt, my mother, my uncle Marshall and even my grandfather.

I am inviting my readers, 13 and above, to read part or all of John Hope Franklin’s
From Slavery to Freedom. Let’s discover together why John Hope Franklin impressed so many.

John Hope Franklin died yesterday at the age of 94. I recently learned he loved growing orchids, in addition to documenting the lives of African-American people. I am very curious to learn who he was. After reading about him or his work, post your comments, so others can be inspired as well. Thank you, Mona.

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