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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Political Leadership Retreat for High School Girls in Washington, D.C.

Every June I send a birthday card to Aung San Suu Kyi. She is an amazing woman. She is a human rights activist who fights for rights of the people of Burma. Many times the government leaders of Burma have placed her under house arrest and do not allow her to leave her home, but she still demands that the government must respect its people. I also admire Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who is the president of Liberia and Africa’s first woman president. I respect Hillary Rodham Clinton who demonstrates over and over again how capable and committed women leaders can be.

Women throughout the world, including the United States, have had a difficult time trying to become leaders. It has been a hard fight. But today, we are so lucky that there are many programs that help prepare women to be effective leaders and some of these programs start the training process early; when the participants are teenagers. Here is one GREAT program.

Running Start is accepting applications for their 2009 Young Woman's Political Leadership Retreat. Please share with teachers and encourage any high school girls you know to apply!!! They do not need to be interested in politics to be chosen to attend! The program is entirely FREE of charge, and travel scholarships are available to sophomores, juniors and seniors! Running Start encourages high school girls from across the country to channel their leadership into politics. Participants will meet extraordinary women leaders of diverse backgrounds and learn the importance of having more women in political leadership and running for office. Even if the girls are not interested in politics, this is a great program for them to build self-esteem, practice public speaking and learn to collaborate with other young women.

WHO: Open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school
WHERE: American University, Washington D.C.0D WHEN: July 15-19, 2009 (no applications will be accepted after February 16, 2009)
COST: The program is entirely FREE of charge, and travel scholarships are available. APPLY ONLINE: For more information, or for specific attachments contact Susannah Shakow at 202.421-4102 or info@runningstart. org.

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