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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walking In the Front Door; A History of Blacks in the White House

My favorite subjects in school are Language Arts and Social Studies. I love history and ideas. In my Social Studies class, students have to do these special creative papers and displays about a topic given by the teacher. I am always looking for a unique angle. I want to learn something when I do a project and I want the viewer of my project to learn as well, including my teachers.

The topic for the next project is President Barack Obama’s inauguration. I discussed with my mother the project and she, too, always encourages me to do something that is different. One of her favorite websites is (My parent readers should check it out.) Professor Henry Louis Gates has put together this short and amazing video presentation entitled Walking in the Front Door; A History of Blacks in the White House. Just click on the link to view. I am going to do my project around this theme.

Let me know what you think of Professor’s Gates’ presentation.
*Photographs above are of Sojourner Truth and Abraham Lincoln, The Fisk Jubilee Singers, Paul Cuffe and Frederick Douglass who all visited the White House.

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